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Log Catch

Tournament Selection(Required)
Final eligibility for "Master Angler" or "Angler of the Year 2023" to be determined by volunteer judges using any records of your tournament participation. You must weigh in at minimum one fish during any BSB tournament in person before the end of the tournament schedule in 2023.


You must use the email the BSB group is using to match up to your membership. We do not ask for usernames but we will record your catch based on records relating to the provided email.
This value can also be your Alabama conservation identification number

Species Information

Saltwater Regs: ------- Freshwater Regs:
Species, Length, Weight(Required)
Length (in)
Weight (lbs,oz)
Enter the common name of the species of fish as well as the length in inches and the weight in pounds and ounces. Record as many fish as you like, however, be sure to upload sufficient photos per species to verify weight and length. To additional catches click the + sign on the right of each row/section.
Optional: Share a story about your catch. This story could be used publicly during award ceremonies or in generally accessible online publications. Have fun with this, especially if you are recording a particularly rare or unusual catch! Please write for a PG13 audience!

Catch Evidence

Drop files here or
Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, heic, avi, mov, mp4, png, pdf, Max. file size: 50 MB.
    Please provide sufficient images for species identification, weight, length and other sportsmanship spirit related validation shots possible.

    Final Section