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Master Angler Guide

Master Angler Species Guide

More information coming soon, please comment below regarding species questions. We will attempt to link images and identification guides for each species listed. The minimum sizes and common names are a work in progress, however, we intend to complete this list by Jan 1 2023.

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Sub and Size

Sheepshead 12″+
Spotted Seatrout 15″-22″
Red Drum (Redfish) 16″-26″

Blue Marlin

Dolphin/Mahi Mahi

Other HMS Species

Cobia (Ling) 36″+
Mackerel King 24″+
Mackerel Spanish (any size)
Florida Pompano 12’+
Tripletail (Blackfish) 18″+
Flounder 14″+
Striped Bass 16+”
Amberjack Greater 34″+
Amberjack Lesser (any size)
Banded Rudderfish 14″-22″
Tuna Yellowfin 27″+
Tuna Bigeye 27″+
Tuna Bonito (any size)
Tuna Blackfin (any size)
Grouper Gag 24″+
Grouper Red 20″+
Grouper Black 24″+
Grouper Yellowfin 20″+
Scamp 16″+
Snapper Red 16″+
Snapper Gray (Mangove, Black) 12″+
Snapper Vermillion 10″+
Snapper Lane 8″+
Gray Triggerfish 15″+
Tarpon 60″+ (released)
Mullet Silver (any size)
Mullet Ground (any size)
Shark Sharpnose, Bonnethead (any size)
Shark Hammerhead 78″+
Shark Mako Female 83″+
Shark Mako Male 71″+
Shark Bull 54″+
Shark Other 54″+
Bass Largemouth
Bass Smallmouth
Bass Spotted
Bass Alabama
Bass Shoal
Bass Striped (Temperate)
Bream (Sunfish) Any Size
Crappie Any Size
Pickerel Any Size
Perch Any Size
Rainbow Trout Any Size